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1948 – Nor-Cal Products founded as a manufacturer of dairy industry pumping stations in Yreka, California

1962 – Incorporated as Nor-Cal Products, Inc and shifted focus to exclusively serving industrial and research applications that require vacuum environments. In these early years, Nor-Cal Product co-authored vacuum fittings specifications at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory that became the standard for vacuum component manufacturers.

1978 – Our first catalog was released in a strong business climate. Today, we remain a premier source for custom chambers, weldments, and offer over 6000 standard components and one-stop shopping for almost every vacuum application.

1998 – Nor-Cal Products began the design of downstream pressure control valves and controllers that reduced time to pressure set-point and increased tool throughput. This patented technology remains critical to semiconductor manufacturers, OEMs, and other UHV applications today.

2007 – A low-cost region manufacturing facility was established in Vietnam, allowing the Yreka manufacturing headquarters to focus on complex customs while offering great pricing on standard components.

2007 – Sales and service offices opened in Korea

2009 – Sales and service offices opened in the San Francisco Bay Area

2010 – Sales and service offices open in Singapore

2015 – Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG purchased Nor-Cal Products, Inc. to grow its valves and custom manufacturing capabilities in the US and to grow a more robust variety of total solutions from one source for global customers.

2019 – Vietnam manufacturing facility was tripled in size to better serve our growing global customer base.

2020 – New research and development center opens in Bay Area

2021 – Expansion of valves and customs fabrication in progress at corporate headquarters in Yreka

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Send mail to Nor-Cal Products, Inc., 1967 South Oregon Street, Yreka, California 96097.

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