Selected Applications

  • Selected Applications
    Any VAT vacuum valve solution is tailored to its application to provide optimal performance. Find the right solution for your application or contact us if your application is not listed yet.

    • Semiconductor Production
      With constantly evolving processes and the increasing complexity of cutting-edge fabs, semiconductor manufacturing is a relentless cycle of innovation. Because the presence of particles no bigger than a molecule can ruin a semiconductor chip – and reduce yields – vacuum valves must provide uncompromising performance in terms of particle avoidance (to avoid wafer damage) and reliability.

      • Process Control & Isolation
        High-precision control and isolation of vacuum and gas flows is essential in semiconductor manufacturing. In both upstream and downstream processes, all valve functions must guarantee precise repeatability over a high number of cycles. The result: precise volume flows over defined time intervals and consistent, reliable sealing. VAT control and isolation valves set the standard here.
        The VAT vacuum valve portfolio for control and isolation in semiconductor manufacturing is always tailored to the special requirement. Depending on the requirement and area of application, the performance parameters of the individual series and valve technologies used are always adapted to the specific customer needs in each case. Key features include adaptable opening and closing cycles, stable adaptive sealing, advanced controller technology that allows high-precision control, particle activation and release prevention, and high manufacturing quality that guarantees defined, stable performance parameters for each valve manufactured.
      • Substrate Transfer
        Semiconductors are produced in several steps in specially designed process chambers. Transfer valves play a decisive role in the transfer from one process chamber to another. In order to optimize production times and thus production yield, fast opening and closing times are required, along with stable, reliable sealing. VAT transfer valves set the standard in this area.
      • Sub-Fab Systems
        Sub-fab processes can be challenging: corrosive, abrasive, and toxic gases and/or condensation and high levels of by-products in the gas stream can all severely affect the functionality and reliability of vacuum valves. Key functions of vacuum valves include: Prevention of backflow contamination, flow rate control and pump isolation.
        Reliability, safety and availability are therefore the decisive success criteria here for vacuum valves used in sub-fab processes. Based on the experience of thousands of vacuum valve installations in sub-fab processes worldwide, the comprehensive and proven VAT vacuum valve portfolio addresses all sub-fab requirements.
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